Sunday school


10:45am – 11:30am
Most classes start September 8th

Want another option for fellowship with others in the church and/or to learn about God and His teachings? Our Sunday School classes offer a myriad of choices. Take a look.

The Elementary class will resume on September 8th in Deep Blue Shores (room 16).

Youth Group Watch this space and the website for all the information.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Room 12; Co-op Room
Ongoing – Stan Clark, 719-542-6085 Adult Bible Studies

Room 13
Begins September 8th

Sherrie Goorley, 719-671-9431

102 Fascinating Bible Studies

Deepening Life; Room 15
We will begin this year with a study of the Book of Ruth. Our format will include a DVD, as well as a book for questions and discussion. The book, Deepening Life: Ruth, is available on Amazon.

Searchers; Room 27
Our class uses DVDs and a study guide for our discussions. In the past, we have studied The Shack, God Is Not Dead, Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White and How’s Your Soul. We will be choosing this year’s curriculum on September 30th.

Praise café; Booth Hall
Everyone is invited to join us for delicious coffee, great snacks and fun fellowship. Different groups sponsor Praise Café each week, and proceeds are used by that group for various projects.

Issues and Choices; Upstairs