10:45am – 11:30am
Most classes start April 14th

Want another option for fellowship with others in the church and/or to learn about God and His teachings? Our Sunday School classes offer a myriad of choices. Take a look.

The Elementary class will resume in the fall (room 16).

Youth Group Watch this space and the website for all the information.

Adult Sunday School Classes

Room 12; Co-op Room
Ongoing – Stan Clark, 719-542-6085 Adult Bible Studies

Room 13
Begins September 8th

Sherrie Goorley, 719-671-9431

102 Fascinating Bible Studies

Searchers; Room 27
Our class uses DVDs and a study guide for our discussions. In the past, we have studied The Shack, God Is Not Dead, Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White and How’s Your Soul. We will be choosing this year’s curriculum on September 30th.

Praise café; Booth Hall
This will resume in the fall.

FBI; Room 23

Fellowship of Bible Investigators (FBI) Christian Education Academy.  Room 23, 10:45-11:55:  Magnifying God’s Holy Name In Our Culture (What Would You Do If……..